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School Education Programs

What better way to learn about health education than from an expert working in the field? Our youth programs are designed to educate, support and empower school students on their journey towards better health.

Our GPs understand that visiting a doctor can be an intimidating experience for young people and are committed to making the experience relaxed and suitable for teenage patients.

Our Breakfast Club program is a fantastic way for teenagers to meet a GP outside of the clinical environment and ask questions in an informal but supportive environment. One of our GPs will attend the school before classes to chat with students (over coffee and a croissant!)

Furthermore, our health education programs are specially designed to meet the needs of teenagers aged 13-18, covering topics such as sexual and reproductive health, mental health and cyber health.

School GP Clinics

Our GPs run outreach clinics at various school locations. This makes our services more accessible and the experience of visiting a GP much less intimidating. Our services include vaccination clinics, on-site GP consultations and telehealth consultations when appropriate.

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