Our Story

Our Story

When I was 17, I was struggling.  I’d lost a close friend in a tragic accident and I was finding the stress of school unbearable.  I needed support but didn’t know who I could talk to.  We had a school counsellor who worked a couple of days a week, but apart from that there didn’t seem to be a lot of options. 

More than 20 years later, there are many more services available to support individuals in need.  However, many people and communities still report a lack of access. 

The Australian health system has some strengths and weaknesses.  However, the system shouldn’t dictate how health professionals work or how clinics can run.  The system should adapt to the needs of the community, not the other way around. 

Community GP is a passion project.  Ever since I received my fellowship in general practice, I have been committed to finding ways to make healthcare more accessible for vulnerable communities.  Nobody should ever feel they have nowhere to go or nobody to talk to. 

We are a small but growing organisation.  We will evolve, but our purpose will remain – build relationships, change lives.  One by one.

Dr Lane Hinchcliffe

CEO + Principal GP

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