What is Community GP?

Community GP is a not-for-profit organisation that was born from a passion to improve health outcomes for vulnerable populations in Australia.  We aim to make a difference by providing better access to GP services, promoting health education and working in collaboration and partnership with other primary care providers to achieve a sustainable and effective health care model.

Why Community GP?

Because community is at the heart of everything we do. We work collaboratively with the community, for the community, strengthening relationships and developing teamwork to bring about and inspire change.

What is our vision?

We want to change health care within Australia because we believe that everyone, regardless of their age, gender, ethnicity, sexuality or financial position, should have access to excellent medical care. General practice is the cornerstone of our primary health system and so ensuring that all Australians have access quality, tailored GP services is at the core of what drives us. We are passionate about creating new programs that provide better opportunities for communities to connect with us.

We strive to find new and innovative ways to deliver services in a way that is patient-centred. And we embrace the model of shared-care and seek to collaborate with other organisations to better support our community.

Community GP is passionate about empowering growth and inspiring change.

What are some of our programs?

We have a range of programs and centres including Winmante Medical Centre, Connect (a telehealth service), aged-care services and school-based programs.

Head over to the Our Work tab for more information on our programs and centres.

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