We’re passionate about creating new programs to connect with our communities


We strive to find new, innovative ways to deliver patient-centred services


We embrace shared-care and collaborate with other organisations to better support our community


Are you a GP looking for a fulfilling and rewarding career helping communities in need?

A better future imagined.

Imagine it – needing help and having nobody to ask.  Or feeling there was nobody you could trust.  Or rely on for support.

Unfortunately, many Australians who are living with or at risk of illness, disability or mental health issues feel that they have nowhere to go for help.  Some report having access to healthcare but worry about discussing sensitive issues for fear of being dismissed or judged.

We imagine a better future, one that embraces diversity and caters to the individual needs.  Everyone has their own story.  A unique personality.  What works for one may not for another.  It is our mission to not only imagine a better future, but to make it happen.


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Surviving Lockdown

Barely surviving lockdown? Suffering from meltdown? You’re not alone. The COVID-19 pandemic has seen a surge in mental health concerns, including depression and anxiety. In…

About Community GP

Watch as Dr Lane talks candidly about Community GP sharing insights into its foundation and services, and hear feedback from school students directly involved in our educational programs.


“If I could have one legacy, not only do I want to make health care exciting, I want to make it accessible for everyone.”

Dr Lane Hinchcliffe

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